Drug Testing in Drug Rehabilitation

drug testing in rehab

A drug rehab center is considered as the best option to take when it comes to dealing with any sort of drug abuse. By enrolling in a drug rehab center, one makes sure that they are committed to the cleaner life and are willing to do almost anything to take care of the problem. There can be no denying the fact that a drug rehab center can only be effective if the addict is dedicated to the cause themselves.

When an addict initially registers into a rehab center, they are made to go through a detox process in order to completely rid them of the drug they are used to and then follow the procedure from there. These are not the same type of detox programs you can buy online that are simply designed to pass a drug test. The primary purpose of a rehab center is to make sure that the addicts are willing to commit to themselves and their families. Rehab centers change the way these addicts think about drugs and make sure they understand the consequences of drug abuse.

As drug rehab centers are supposed to be a choice, not a compulsion, it is necessary that the addict is willing to put in the necessary effort needed. There can be cases when the addicts have been restricted to stay in a rehab center and initially they might resist the whole procedure but with the help of doctors and counselors to change the way of their thinking and making them commit to their bodies and restrict from harm.

Apart from the initial detox process, drug and alcohol rehab center treatment programs will enforce different kinds of drug tests upon their patients. It does not matter if you are an inpatient or an outpatient, the drug testing procedures are there for the benefit of the patient as it helps the rehab centers determine the severity of the addiction initially and then helps enforce abstinence towards the drugs by holding regular testing.

Some drug centers even put drug testing as a part of their program and they hold random and announced drug testing on their patients. Enforcing the rules and submitting to a drug test for an inpatient may be an easier task as these addicts are living in a controlled environment and the rehab centers are making sure that they have no access to addictive materials.

The process of drug testing, however, is tougher for outpatients who cannot be monitored. These patients are not only exposed to the addictive material but also can become a victim of different triggers that might put them in a situation where they might end up using drugs. These patients are tougher to deal with and that is where counseling comes in.

Counseling helps ensure that these patients, both inpatient and outpatient, see drug testing as a positive tool to help them out and not as a restriction or a mean of forcing them into something they are not willing to do.

In some cases, a rehab center will make sure that a patient makes a list of actions a rehab center is allowed to do in case of a positive drug test. There can be cases of employer notification or to notify the local authorities in cases of patients who have been ordered by courts into rehab. These pre-defined actions will also help as an enforcement policy for rehab centers on their patients.

Other than that, there are rehab centers who like to be actively involved with their patients and would be monitoring all their activities. They will also be checking their belongings, all their mail and even personal who come to visit them will be required to go through a screening process. These screenings are so intact that even items like mouthwash are not allowed to reach the patients.